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A&B Partners with the Justine Henin Academy
A&B Partners with the Justine Henin Academy

A&B Partners with the Justine Henin Academy


A&B is all about making connections, and that’s just what we are doing.

After partnering up with Rising Track, the new sports crowdsourcing platform, we are delighted to announce our partnership with the Justine Henin Academy.

Founded by one of tennis’ all-time greats Justine Henin, the Justine Henin Academy offers elite-level training to the players who are serious about bringing their game to the next level. Known for her great legendary one-handed backhand (which John McEnroe described as the best single-handed backhand in the women's or men's game) and completeness of her game, Henin won a total of 43 WTA titles, including seven Grand Slams and a gold medal in the 2004 Olympics.

The Justine Henin Academy combines both tennis and school for a multi-dimensional approach to training. On the court, players will practice with the ATP/WTA-level players and travel to tournaments, accompanied by a full-time professional who is sure to bring out your highest level of play during competition. Off the court, students take classes from the best international schools that Belgium has to offer: Verseau and St. John’s.