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The US Brings the Ryder Cup Title home!
The US Brings the Ryder Cup Title home!

The US Brings the Ryder Cup Title home!


The Ryder Cup Brings the Excitement Back to Golf; Rookies and Veterans Shine

In a sport not known for its excitement, the Ryder Cup provides the a chance for golf to expand it’s reach to a broad audience by creating an atmosphere that is full of life. It’s a party with the volume turned up to maximum. It’s a chance for athletes who typically play for individual results to take part in a team competition. This year’s Cup did not disappoint.

Though they have 23 players in the top 50 in the world rankings, this competition has been frustrating for the U.S., as they only won three of the last 11 meetings. With high-caliber players like Dustin Johnson or Jordan Spieth, Justin Rose or Henrik Stenson, they were always the favorites going in, and the quality of play, from both sides, certainly did not disappoint. Perhaps the best passage of play came from seasoned veterans, as exemplified by Sunday's single matchup between Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia, in which they made 19 birdies combined.

However, this did not prevent rookies from stealing the show. Enter Thomas Pieters. Pieters, a young Belgian making his Ryder Cup debut, stole the show. The European, who studied and played at the University of Illinois, had amassed a 4-1 record by Sunday while showing passion, composure and reliability that will bode well for the Euros for decades to come. Hello, future.

In the end, the U.S. won after three days of phenomenal play. The real winner, however, is the sport of golf and it’s worldwide audience.