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UNC Back to the Top
UNC Back to the Top

UNC Back to the Top


March Madness, the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, was once again full of surprises. This year, the North Carolina Tar Heels stunned the number one seed, Gonzaga Bulldogs, in a final that held to its promises.

With the most Final 4 in College Basketball history, the Tar Heels are known to be one of the best teams in the country, year in and out. For their 11th NCAA Final, UNC delivered an amazing game in front of a packed stadium. Known as one of the College Basketball powerhouses, the Tar Heels won their 6th NCAA Championship last night.

Their opponent, Gonzaga, started March Madness after a stellar season. With 19 wins and only one loss under their belt, the Bulldogs acquired a lot of confidence throughout the season. However, that wasn’t enough to impress Roy Williams and his players, who were determined to come home with the trophy. This could be seen as UNC’s redemption from last year’s final, that saw the Tar Heels lose the title on a beater buzzer against Villanova. But this year was different, and the Tar Heels won the championship with an epic 71-65 win.

This 6th victory for UNC was the 3rd one for Coach Roy Williams, who is now one of the most decorated College Basketball Coaches of all time.